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2 days agoThe architect Ab Rogers in the garden shed at Maggie’s. We’re planting the last trees today with the Steve Swatton team and Toby and Chris Marchant for the details.
2 days agoThe Maggie’s garden at Royal Marsden Hospital seen from the inside of the building.
3 days agoToday at the RHS garden Wisley,Woking. Checking the borders we designed in 2000. Calamagrostis brachytricha and Eryngium giganteum.
1 week ago
1 week agoA good day. Feel good about the result.
1 week agoThe garden as landscape
1 week agoEryngium giganteum flowers in June but last forever in beauty.
2 weeks agoFirst serious frost this year. Echinops,Eupatorium,Aster,Echinacea,Agastache.
2 weeks agoBefore going inside I’m enjoying the garden in the evening light.
2 weeks agoGrass is Stipa tenuissima and on the corner Acer palmatum
3 weeks agoEchinops and Vernonia
1 month agoVisiting the new Maggie’s centre in Sutton designed by Ab Rogers design. Steve Swatton did the wooden benches and landscaping. Chris and Toby from Orchard did install the planting. A great team to work with and get the quality needed.
1 month agoSeen from inside the garden
1 month agoComing home this morning I found the garden after the first night frost of this year.
1 month agoMore fall pictures of the High Line.
1 month agoGood fall colors on the High Line this morning. It looked so good!
1 month agoA very rainy day but perfect for Storm King art centre.
1 month agoJust leaving this more than wonderful project we designed last year.
1 month agoSketches for the oudolf garden at Belle Isle Detroit.
1 month agoLast weekend Giulio Passarelli took some drone pictures of the garden. Here the front garden is showed here.