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10 hours agoFloriade 2002. A garden for Future Plants. In collaboration with Jacqueline van der Kloet.
14 hours agoCan you imagine Mertensia virginica growing in a solid field of Panicum.
1 day ago3 garden designs from 1978.
1 day agoRob Herwig’s show garden. 1989
2 days agoMy first public garden design at Rob Herwig Show Gardens in Lunteren. 1987.
5 days agoDaffodils and hyacinths.
1 week agoSketch for the rain garden.Part of the oudolf garden detroit on Belle Isle. This is the tree and shrub layer.
2 weeks ago
2 weeks agoA good therapy in the time we live in.
2 weeks agoDeschampsia and Euphorbia griffithii in our frontgarden.
2 weeks agoBirds, bees and Prunus yedoensis in flower.
2 weeks agoOne would not say there is so much going on.
1 month agoPyrus ussuriensis Starts flowering
1 month agoLunaria annua,mukdenia helleborus, leucojum,paeonia sprouting,lamium orvala,dark leaves of helleborus hercegovinus
1 month agoCollection of moments in the garden. Abeliophyllum distichum ‘Roseum’ Pink flower.
2 months agoRooftop garden today.
2 months agoThe garden@at vitra campus under construction.very good craftsmanship by Eise gartenbau. This summer the garden will be ready.
2 months agoOur visit this morning at VItra Campus. Having a good overlook on the new garden that will be planted this spring.
2 months agoThe garden and detail of Baptisia leucantha before we start cutting back the garden.
2 months agoWinter is not over yet but soon if not already helleborus will show their flowers.