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5 days agoTrifolium rubens white form,Thalictrum aquilegifolium, Lychnis chalcedonica rosea.
1 week agoAstrantia Claret and Delphinium elatum
1 week agoThalictrum aquilegifolium Lychnis chalcedonica rosea
1 week ago
1 week agoChillida leku museum. The garden is growing. The sculptures are magnificent. The restaurant is one of the best places@for@lunch.
2 weeks agoJust on my way back home. From one of my most@promising gardens.A real@treat@for the senses and a wonderful client. And a natural swimming pool.
3 weeks agoOne of our new Stachys ‘mrs.Magenta’ soon available at Future Plants
3 weeks agoCrambe cordifolia
3 weeks agoMy favorite perennial umbellifer. (That will grow here).Melopospermum peloponessiacum.
4 weeks agoIt was a big honor to receive the medal of honor to night. Thank you Garden Club of America and Detroit crew!!
4 weeks agoFrederick law Olmsted House and office. The pink flower is a cydonia the white flower is? I forgot the name.
1 month agoRodgersia and molopospermum peloponessiacum.
1 month agoPrimula, rhododendron, tree paeonies in the wild.
1 month agoWisteria honbeni
1 month agoOne of our Paeonia Rockii seedlings
1 month agoThis morning in the garden. Wisteria, Podophyllum,Smyrnium
2 months agoScreenshots from a short documentary by PBS news hour this week. Can be seen on youtube.
2 months agolandscape-designer-piet-oudolf-captures-natures-emotion PBS report on Youtube.
2 months agoClose up of Magnolia ‘Butterflies’
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