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Piet Oudolf was born in Haarlem, the Netherlands on October 27th 1944. He currently resides, together with his wife Anja in Hummelo, the Netherlands.

The Netherlands

2002: A public and convalescence garden at the Reumaverpleeghuis in Rotterdam.
2010: Public space ‘Leuvehoofd’ Rotterdam with DS+V.City landscape architects.
2010: ‘Ichtushof’ public space. van Egeraat architects and DS+V landscape architects.
2010: Westerkade Rotterdam planting design with Okra landscape architects.
2011: Groot Vijversburg with LOLA landscape architects and Deltavormgroep.
2014: ‘De Vlinderhof’ a public garden created on private initiative by the neighbourhood. It is part of the Maximapark at ‘Leidsche Rijn’.
2017: Renovation and Construction of the gardens at ‘Huis ten Bosch’.
2017: Voorlinden Musuem Garden, Wassenaar.


2009: Art project in the Gräflicher Park at Bad Driburg in coöperation with Thomas Kellein from Kunsthalle Bielefeld.
2010: Art project for RUHR 2010 at Bottrop Ebel with Max Gross.
2011: Maximilian Park, Hamm. Perennial meadows. 6000 sq.m.


1996: The ‘Dream Park’ in Enköping near Stockholm in Sweden.
1996: A harbour promenade with seating areas in Sölvesborg an old town in the south of Sweden.
2007: A planting design for the new gardens in the trägårdsföreningen park at Göteborg.
2011: A small public park in Skärholmen a suburban area in south-west Stockholm.
2014: Juvelen, Jungfrun and vållas park. Three pocket parks in the city of Halmstad.


2000 /  2009: Pensthorpe Waterfowl Trust in Fakenham, Norfolk. Revised in 2009.
2002: Two 150 meter long borders for RHS gardens at Wisley, Woking in Surrey.
2004: A 4 acre walled garden at Scampston Hall, North Yorkshire.
2005: A 15 hectare large site in a historic landscape park near Stoke on Trent together with fellow landscape architect Tom Stuart Smith.
2007: A design for ‘Pottersfield’, a small park on the board of the Thames next to the Tower Bridge with Gross.Max landscape architects from Edinburgh.
2011: Hortus Conclusus with Peter Zumthor at the Serpentine Gallery in London.
2014: Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park (masterplan-Hargraves associates). Designing the planting areas situated on the South Plaza (James Corner Field Operations).
2014: A design for the Hauser & Wirth Sculpture park and Gallery in Bruton, Sommerset.
2017: Private Garden, West Woodhay.
2019: Maggie’s Centre at the Royal Marsden Hospital, Sutton.


2006: Entrance for the botanical garden in Toronto with Martin Wade landscape architects.


2001: Lurie garden at Millennium park downtown Chicago with Landscape architects Gustafson, Guthrie and Nichol from Seattle.
2003: Together with Saratoga landscape architects I did a horticultural master plan for ‘The Battery’ at the tip of Manhattan in New York. We created the ‘Gardens of Remembrance’ and the ‘Bosque’ which is a 6000 sq. meter area under plane trees.
2007: Nantucket Island – A 14 acre residential design with Field Operations landscape architects.
2009: The ‘High Line’ in New York, with Field Operation landscape architects.
2009: Goldman Sachs new headquarters in New York with Ken Smith landscape architects.
2018 Delaware Botanical Gardens, Dagsboro.
2020 The Oudolf Gardens at Belle Isle, Detroit.


2019: Restaurant NOMA, Copenhagen.


2020: Vitra Campus Garden, Weil am Rhein.


2018: Chillida Leku, Hermani/San Sebastian. Museum Garden.
2020: Illa del Rei, Menorca. Hauser & Wirth Gallery.


2016: Paradise Within Reach. Barbara den Uyl. Youtube.
2018: 5 Seasons, the Gardens of Piet Oudolf. Tom Piper.


2000: A Gold Medal and title Best of Show at the Chelsea Flower Show in London for a garden I designed with Arne Maynard, commissioned by Gardens Illustrated.
2002: The Gold Veitch Memorial medal by the Royal Horticultural Society with in recognition of services given in the advancement of science and practice of horticulture.
2004: Award for Excellence in Design from the art commission of the city of New York .
2009: Dalecarlica Award 2009 given by the Swedish Park commissioners for the valuable contribution and inspiration to the development of park and garden art in Sweden.
2010: By the Association of Professional Landscape Designers the award of distiction for 2010 in recognition of that individual’s unique contribution to the profession of landscape design.
2010: Lucy G.Moses Preservation Award. In recognition of the planting design for the restauration of the High Line.
2010: European Garden Award for the contribution on Trentham Gardens,Stoke on Trent, England and the High Line, New York, USA.
2010: Special mention for the garden at architectural Biennale at Venice.
2012: Honorary Fellowship of the RIBA for developing radical ideas in Planting Design.
2012: Skärholmen, Stockholm, Perennial Park. Rewarded for its outstanding high aspirations in cultivating outdoor invironments in poorly maintained million program communities.
2014: Awarded with the Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds Price for his contribution to the culture of garden and landscape design.
2014: Awarded with The Maaskant Price for the passion and enthusiasm with which he explorers the possibilities and limits of landscape architecture over the last thirty-five years.
2015: Awarded with the Kew Guild Honorary Fellowship.
2018: Honorary Degree of the University of Sheffield. Doctor of Letters.
2018: Singer Museum Award. Given to an Artist every second year.
2018: Officier in de Orde van Oranje Nassau. Royal distinction.
2019: British Society of Garden designers, Lifetime Achievement Award.
2019: Medal of Honour by the Garden Club of America.


2001: Millenium Competition for a garden downtown Chicago (Lurie garden) with Kathryn Gustafson and partners from Seattle. Installation of the planting was in June 2004.
2005: The ‘High Line’ New York with Field Operations, Diller, Scofidio + Renfro.


2011: Co-Teaching at Harvard Graduate School of Design (USA). Workshop in January–March and May.
2013: Visiting professor at the department of Landscape at the University of Sheffield.
2015: Masterclass for graduate students at the IUAV in Venice, Italy.
2015: Masterclass for graduate students at TU Delft, The Netherlands.


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